Algorithmic Trading

Trade automatically, day in and day out. Your crypto trading bot of Vegavid trades automatically for you using proprietary machine learning algorithms as per your configured settings.

Automated trading
Smart trading bot provided by Vegavid provides following type of automated trading :
  1. Long and short position based trading which updates portfolio on regular basis
  2. Arbitage trading
  3. Market Making

24*7 Trading

Machine learning based trading is the most recent and most prominent advancement in E-trading. Vegavid uses cutting edge machine learning algorithms including deep learning (RNN, LSTM) that enables traders to get an edge by taking advantage of cutting edge technology. The trading bot keeps on trading smartly 24*7 and makes all your burden. You can configure the funds' utilization, and algorithm and bot keep working.

Information Driven

Frenzy selling, insatiable purchasing, these are only some of the ways that feelings may influence your trading for the worse. Vegavid utilizes unadulterated analysis based on machine learning to drive its trading choices.

Power and Precision

Vegavid trading bot can be configured to trade any coins /tokens available on the connected exchanges, their correct costs and trading in order to book the profits due to the movement in the market It's impractical for a human to apply real-time specialized assessment to more than one vacant position, yet a bot does that effortlessly.

Social Trading

  1. Fully functional admin control
  2. Configurable to run different algorithm
  3. Various metrics to help trader track trading
  4. Optional back-testing module
  5. PnL graphs
All-Market Versatility

Bull to bear markets and in-between. Our auto-trading platform is packed out with features to make yoy
successful in all market scenarios.

Bull markets

Vegavid is a definitive instrument to take unadulterated, 24*7 advantage of bull markets. Climb the upword trends with the trailing stops-loss feature. Reserve funds and hold a piggy bank of all your profit. Clutch the bull by the horns.

Sideways Market

Scalp trading

Look over a few coins in fluctuating in the meantime and sell them when they hit profits as low as 0.5%. This world not be justfied, despite all the trouble when you trade manually, but rather can prompt enormous additions with Vegavid crypto.



Pair trading

Take full advantage of a high correlation between pair of cryptocurrency by matching long and short positions respectively as price pattern of one currency follows the other.

Bear Markets

Remain over bear market with amazing instinctive apparatuses by vegavid trading bot developers.


React to rise and fall of currency esteems and ensure you react to early indications of bear markets with the help of vegavid crypto solutions.

Short Selling

Appreciate short selling your declining coins, and repurchasing them at their floor value toward the end of the bear market.

Dollar cost averaging

Decrease your heaviest packs with Doller cost averaging when they hit their valur floor.

Cloud Based

Vegavid is among the few crypto currency trading bot development companies to offter its administration altogether on the cloud. This implies you're ready to trade, auto-trade adequately without expecting to leave your PC on 24*7. Sign in consistently and change your PC on 24*7. Sign in consistently and change your configuration.

Zero Downtime

Never let your system availability influence your trading.

Profit and loss report

Enjoy regular and entirely hassle free feature updates and bug fixes.

Securily Hosted

Our platform is safely hosted and easily administrable by the traders.

Crypto Signals

Machine Learning specialized algorithims sends signals to the clients who has subscribed Vegavid Solution. When these machine learning specialized investigators detect a promising investment, they'll send a buy signal specifically to our clients. Our blockchain application development services provide this option for a profitable auto trading experience.





Trade wide range of
coins and tokens

Vegavid Cryptocurrency trading platform is capable of trading a large number of coins and tokens. It also had the flexibility to integrate new tokens if needed.

Technical Analysis

Blend and match our ground-breaking and adjustable specialized markers. From Stoch and RSI to Bollinger Bands and MACD, Vegavid is one of the top machine learning companies that provides specialized markers for all market situations.

Trade with
different indicators

Volatility indicators

Take the advantage for the market situations with the high and low volatility using ADX and Average True Range Indicator.

Trend indicators

In case you're keen on long term investing you might be further more inclined towards utilizing trend indicators, for example, MACD and moving averages like SMA, EMA, KAMA.

Volume indicators

Configure your Vegavid cryptocurrency software to trade when your coins are overbought or oversold. There are different indicators accessible inducing momentum indicators (oscillators) for example, Stochastic, Stoch-RSI, RSI and more.

Trailing Stop

Vegavids top in class blockchain application development services provides you with the Trailing Stop feature of, you should no longer be stuck to your screen waiting and risking your emotions impeding your trades.

Trailing Stop -Loss

After buying a coin, automatically or manually, the real undertaking is selling it with profit. Investments can wind up gainful in a split second, or take days or even a longer to hit your targeted returns.
With the Vegavid Trailing Stop-loss feature, all you need to do is set your trade configurations and Vegavid will do the rest.

Trailing Stop-Short

With the trailing Stop-Short you can automatically buyback your shorted positions once they have begun ascending in cost again.

Stop -Loss

Set price limits/stop-loss where your Vegavid will sell the coin on the off chance that it diminishes past that cost.

Value Trailing

We offer various tools to trail the costs of your assets.

Trailing stop-purchase

With the trailing stop-purchase feature you can trail the cost downwards on a purchase signal and purchase an asset when the prices begin to rise again.

Only sell with profit

Hold your grounds regardless of anything and ensure that your Vegavid stays locked on that position and possibly ever considers selling it when it hits profit.

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