Our expertise and features

Our custom Blockchain development is the core of our services, and we offer custom Blockchain solutions to various enterprises including Finance, Healthcare, and different businesses.

Propriety matching engine written from scratch

Propriety matching engine written from scratch

100000 plus transaction per second

Leverage cutting edge distributed scaling technology

Fully functional Admin side:

All functionalities to manage different types users and KYC

Enable easy management of all funds on exchange

Strong risk tracking and management features


Front end features:

Both Android and
IOs apps

User Friendly and
intuitive workflow

Responsive UI


Fully customizable acc. to the clients need

Provides a set of unique features on demand

Machine Learning powered integrated analytics solution

Our Assurance
At Vegavid, we take security very
seriously, the exchange comes with


A large number of security features

Risk Engine:

A fully function admin controlled risk engine to monitor and manage risk is integrated in exchange

MultiSig Wallet:

Provides added security as it requires more than one user to sign a transaction from the wallet.

Some important features for



Social trading

Two factor

IOs and Android

admin panel

Large number of
token support

Bot trading

Payment gateway

Real time blacklisted
persons detection

Support for
many order types


Why exchange from Vegavid

"The Vegavid Exchange is a single potent solution as an answer to all the concerns."

Most over the counter available exchange solutions are slow and lack basic security features, they limit trading capacity and profitability and they are hard to set up and maintain, and much harder to scale up to support larger number of clients and larger number of transactions per second.
As a company with a strong technical background, our mission is to create one of the world's best exchange ever. The Flip exchange uses cutting edge distributed design; security featuresand very powerful matching engine to enable hassle-free scaling and smooth business operations.