About Us

Vegavid Technology is a trusted company which is helping organizations to achieve their goals with impactful, industry-specific software solutions.We are growing at a tremendous rate and have been helping organizations to accomplish their goals with impactful, industry-specific software solutions. Our experienced team has built the Enterprise grade solution like Digital asset trading platform, Exchange, Tradebots, etc.

Our Products

  1. Crypto-Currency Exchange: One of the best exchanges at the best price ever, Feel free to contact us for demo (Custom changes are possible).
  2. Crypto-trade Bot: Smart trading platform powered by Machine learning and market sentiments.
  3. OCR system: Extract information from images in real time
  4. Smart Customer Behaviour engine for banks: Reduce NPAs, improve the quality of loans andidentify good customers for the second line of credit or Top Up loans.
  5. TreasureDAO: Decentralized autonomous NFT market place

Vegavid Technology is founded by IIT alumnus with extensive experience in the application of Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence in the Finance Industry.We believe in providing the best products and services by harnessing our team of experts in the best possible way to reach our goals in the mentioned timelines.


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