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Blockchain is the technology utilized for checking and recording exchanges using encryption to guarantee security while enabling a network of users to validate them. By understanding how blockchain technology changes the execution of everyday business exchanges, Vegavid is of the premium blockchain development company that offers consulting and custom blockchain application development services for different business needs dependent on this disruptive technology.

Enabling companies to leverage Blockchain Technology

HyperLedger Fabric
ripple blockchain
Iota Blockchain
About the Company

How We Work

Clarifying your needs

We assemble your underlying necessities during the first meeting. After the evaluation, you get an approximate budget and time period for the execution of your blockchain solution.

Strategies and Concept workshop

A group of expert blockchain developers, business investigators, and technology and product supervisors think of an approach that considers your current and planned business forms.

Design and Development

With continuous feedback from your team, we evolve the design for the blockchain solution, and after freezing the requirements, we develop it and make sure we deliver it on time.

Launch And support

We begin the launch of your blockchain solution as a team with collaboration of your team, from sales to support. After the launch, our quality authorization specialists test the framework ensuring it is prepared for functioning to full extent

Experience Transparency, Automation and Efficiency in Application Development Through an Exclusive Team of Blockchain Engineers

Blockchain Services we offer

Public Blockchain application development

Creating Blockchain based decentralized applications

Smart contract Development

Building smart contracts to diminish costs and dispose of the human factor


Private Blockchain application development

Executing a solution dependent on a private blockchain technology


Cryptocurrency solution

Create your tokens to include them as cryptocurrency into your software

Our Process

Consulting stage

We dive into the subtleties of your assignment and offer the best arrangement that suits you. Generally, it takes 1-2 days in the process.

Pilot project stage

We make a working model of the framework to assure its feasibility. It could take 1-2 months or more relies upon required functionalities.

Development and usage stage

We create working variant of the product and launch the working system as per your approval.

Blockchain in Securitization

Smart Contract Development

We convey smart contract services to guarantee your smart contract does precisely what you expect it to do and nothing else in this way conforming to your functional and business necessities. We check all your smart contract exchange principles to guarantee they pursue your business streams, and are executed safely with least expense.

Platform Selection

We evaluate your smart contract use case and help you select the ideal blockchain platform with flexibility, misuse averting instruments, execution limitations and platform explicit smart contract creation while keeping managerial functions in mind.


Prerequisite Gathering

Understanding and accumulating prerequisites for new and existing applications
Characterize off chain & on chain business enterprises
Roadmap of the product

Technical Design

Generate Data Flow diagrams, and create technical Architecture
Document technical General Data
Protection Regulation compliance requirement
Generate sprints and delivery milestones




Cloud deployment
Platform specific deployment


Requirements gathering
Backlog prioritization