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Automate your complex business customer service needs with our smart and result-oriented AI-based chatbot solutions. Save your Time and Money with our robust Bots to gain a competitive edge and improve business efficiency.




Colloquial AI-powered ChatBots allow you to do more than just communicate. Chatbot Systematised conversations for support, lead generation & many more. It is built to offer an omnichannel experience through WhatsApp, Website, and other virtual assistants AI technologies such as Alexa and Google Assistant.
Professional AI Video Analytics Companyy


As a leading blockchain development company, we offer comprehensive Binance Smart Chain development services to help businesses harness the power of this cutting-edge technology.


We are the acclaimed leaders in the software development world. Our AI platforms are trusted and loved by thousands of brands & partners across multiple industrial verticals all over the globe. We create chatbots Voice bots using Dialog Flow, Amazon Lex, IBM Watson, fastText, Microsoft Bot Framework, and Rasa NLU.


A Client’s mindset Designer

Our utmost goal is to create a product that will provide the maximum benefit to our client’s business.


Product Outlook

We at VegaVid challenge the digital economy in a way that will help our customers to break even in the market at a fastest possible pace.


Partner Approach

we believe in Personifying idea-driven solutions to our clients that make them satisfied as a technology partner.


Our Philosophy

Adhere to a methodical approach to creating and managing quick, upbeat, and nimble projects for all our clients.

Our Range of ChatBot Development Solution
For Revolutionary Business

We offer highly intelligent and advanced Chatbot solutions that can be used in various domains such as customer support, e-commerce, delivery services, entertainment, healthcare, and many more.

Microsoft Bot Development

Microsoft Bot Development

Our team of developers creates the best conversational AI-enabled chatbots that influence the extensive potential of the Microsoft framework and its unified environment. These chatbots are extremely flexible and can also be scoped to deal with a few simple commands as well as exceptionally complex responses.


Voice-Enabled Chatbot

Voice-Enabled Chatbot

Our Voice-enabled Chatbot is extremely useful for all kinds of services like from dialing a number or setting an alarm to even transforming your house into a complete voice-support smart home. It will do all for you on a single human command. Our designers are also experts to create voice-enabled bots with chat assistance that provides you with an improved user experience.


Chatbot Testing

Chatbot Testing

We offer the best chatbot testing service in both automation and manual testing of chatbots to ensure a pioneering and profitable product/ service for you. For chatbot Testing, we use various high-end tools such as TestyourBot, Gupshup Proxy Bot, Dimon, Reddit, etc. that help us create a fail-proof solution.





As a growing company, you want to make sure your corporate security is on point, and AI Video Analytics is an industry that's coming up with solutions just for that.


We at Vegavid have highly talented technical experts to handle the delivery of complex, multi-disciplinary, and multi-technology projects. We also offer a facility for you to hire a dedicated chatbot developer on different models and select the right model for appointing resources that match best for your project demands

Every Client is unique

Every Client is unique

Every business has potential

Every business has potential

A strategy is a tool for success

A strategy is a tool for success


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With rich experience in the IT business, Vegavid very well understands the technology and the needs of each business. We believe in showing you the real facts and numbers that will let your business and us grow. Here are some reasons why you will love VegaVid.

  • 500+ happy customers with 1000+ successful projects
  • Client’s mindset approach
  • AI-powered task monitoring
  • Bug-free coding
  • No lock-ins for contract
  • Strict Non-disclosure agreement

A chatbot is an AI-based tool that allows you to communicate with your customers without any involvement of a human representative. Chatbots can be used to handle all types of simple as well as complicated situations like arranging a meeting or managing an order.

At Vegavid, we have extremely talented teams with 5+ years of experience in Chatbot design and development. All our team members are tech buffs who endeavour for excellence. Hence be assured to receive the guaranteed best results.

We offer Chatbots that support multilingual scenarios. We know that to reach a wide range of users, businesses need to have multi-language support and that’s where our multilingual Chatbots come into the picture. We support various facilities such as human translation, machine translation, and a hybrid model.

As such, there is no limit to the number of users who can chat with your bot. We offer you full administrative control to identify supported AD domains, users, and permissions.

You can contact our experts who will assist you in understanding your specific business needs and technical specifications for your software.

No. After discussing with you your specific Chatbot requirement, we share our price offer with you that includes the whole package and has no hidden cost. We make sure to adhere to the outlined quote once we start working on your project.

We provide you with a dedicated team that will work on your project quickly within a few hours of project acquisition.



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