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We provide solutions for complex business problems via blockchain technology and make private and public networks secure at the same time.

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Smart contracts are blockchain-based protocols that verify the conditions of a legal agreement between the parties. Businesses are leveraging Smart Contracts to automate their operation and eliminate the need for third-party interference. Our team at Vegavid has the expertise in building customizable smart contracts for the customers. We ensure that the contracts are developed and implemented, according to the latest token standards.
Smart Contract Development Soultion

Our Smart Contract Development Solutions

Smart Contract Architecture

1. Smart Contract Architecture

Let us help you build a strong foundation by creating and implementing the most secure blockchain-based Smart Contracts. Hire the best smart contract architects to help you design, develop, and implement the perfect architecture for your business.

    Smart Contract Audit

    2. Smart Contract Audit

    Our smart contract audit services help the business perform a complete checkup of the contracts, making them ready for deployment. We specialise in finding vulnerabilities and security flaws that hackers can use to steal funds.

      Smart Contracts Optimization

      3. Smart Contracts Optimization

      Smart Contract Optimization services aim to improve existing smart contracts' efficiency, security, and scalability. It involves applying a range of optimization techniques to the source code of smart contracts.

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        Smart Contract Applications by Industries

        Contracts are an important part of an official agreement between two or more parties. By leveraging the smart contract solution, industries bring transparency, auditability, and rapidness to their existing outdated workflow.

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        Why Work with Vegavid?


        Experienced Blockchain Development Partner
        We enable clients to leverage smart contract solutions and other digital ledger solutions. Our skillful team of developers has got recognition for offering high-end smart contract solutions to the industries.

        Smart Contract Development Expertise
        Experiential expertise in developing smart contracts with suitable private, permissioned, or public blockchain platforms for diverse industries.

        Meticulous Research and Development
        R&D department for performing extensive research to optimize and implement the right smart contract solution for your business.

        Demonstrable Portfolio
        A trusted and reliable Smart Contract development partner for efficiently building custom smart contracts solutions for specific business requirements.

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        We have implemented notable blockchain initiatives for leading brands across many industries.

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        Our Smart Contract Development Methodology

        We follow a model-driven procedure. From identifying the requirements and barriers to ideating, designing, developing, and implementing the technology, we help you propel the business to the next level of security & efficiency.


        Do you also have these questions?

        Smart Contracts are a set of digital codes that facilitates asset transactions. They were introduced to eliminate the need for intermediaries. These contracts are not at all different from regular contracts.

        Smart Contracts are programs stored on a blockchain network that runs when predetermined conditions are met. In this self-executing contract, the buyer and seller inscribed their own content agreement in the form of code.

        Smart Contract Services offer great advantageous factors to the platforms, like

        • Autonomy & Savings- Eliminates the risk of third-party manipulation
        • Backup- All the documents stored on blockchain are duplicated multiple times; thus, originals can be restored in the event of any data loss.
        • Safety- Smart contracts are encrypted, and cryptography keeps all the documents safe from infiltration.
        • Speed- Uses computer protocols to automate the tasks.
        • Accuracy- Using smart contracts results in the elimination of errors that occur due to the manual filling of numerous forms.

        The cost of a project depends on multiple factors like its scope, technology stake, man-hours required, engagement model, business objective, and more. Schedule a quick requirement call with our sales representative to get a quote for your smart contract solution.

        Depending on the scope, the project duration for any smart contract development can be anywhere from a few weeks to a few months. We follow an agile development approach to deliver the project on time with the highest quality standards.


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