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As an organisation specializing in all the Block-chain application development services, Vegavid can be your technical partner to help you with all your smart contract needs and to enter the ICO market. Right from ideation to pre-ICO/STO launch and support, Vegavid team will work with you tirelessly.

Our Key Highlights


Access to latest functionalities


De-centralised exchanging of crypto-currencies




Bug free solutions


Reports and graphs demonstrating analytic changes


client support


Payment Solutions


Smart Contracts

Our Solutions

Vegavid crypto solutions are altogether
characterized by high-level innovation
made functional for your customized
exchange integration.

Our designers and web developers customize your platform to meet prerequisites for your diversified clientele ranging from simple to sophisticated merchants. As a client to Vegavid, your problems regarding B2C system of crypto liquidity, wallets, KYC/AML, OTC, Banking and custodial administrations, will be resolved. So now you can add merchants and can concentrate on sales and advertising of your new platform.

An Advanced Private Label Platform Solution

The Vegavid white label exchange software addresses the basics of trading giving you an alluring easy to understand experience. You would now be able to customize your exchange integration through and through while our team of experts customise your platform to meet prerequisites for all your customer needs.

B2C crypto
liquidity tactics

Crypto-currency wallet apps




Custodial administrations

Our Benefits

Why choose Vegavid
White label exchange software?

One of the leading blockchain application development companies


Enjoy a profoundly intelligent, natural and fluidic interface


Stay up to date with compliances and control changes in the tech world.


The Vegavid crypto-currency exchange company provides your brand identity


A customizable product to coordinate with the client preferred plans


24/7 client support

Tailored Front End content website

Fully incorporated electronic exchanging platform and Content Management System (CMS).

Flexible front-end client trading preserving your brand's personal touch.

Full CRM and Back-Office Solution

Complete Customer Relationship Management (CRM) to supplement your electronic exchange platform.

KYC/AML documentation accumulation verification in addition to account and money management.

Easy back office organization work process and smooth UI/UX.

Facilitated in a Secure Cloud Environment

The Vegavid platform is safely monitored every minute of every day in a private cloud.

Crypto-based assets are held securely in protected, invulnerable cold wallets.

Cyber security specialists maintain the platform while cold wallets are safely out of unauthorised reach.

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