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Build Your Decentralised Autonomous Organisation on the Blockchain!

Blockchain technology is one of the most innovative ideas in the field of technology today; it enables the use of smart contracts to build decentralized applications and organizational governance models. Here, we at Vegavid provide an extensive range of DAO development services across business domains. We have a skillful team of blockchain developers who are well-versed with the latest trends in this field, and they can provide you with an efficient blockchain solution to build an effective DAO. By creating a decentralized autonomous organization, you can allow your investors to vote for the best decisions for the company. This is done by having a secure and accurate voting mechanism, which can be programmed into the blockchain.
Dao blockchain development company

OUR DAO Development Solutions

DAO Platform Development
Our full-stack DAO developers are experts in customization automated, owner-free & high-performing DAO solutions.

DAO Platform Development

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Smart Contract Development
You can control the rules of the governance community with our high-quality, tamper-proof, and secure smart contracts serving across the verticals.

Smart Contract Development

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dApps Development
Decentralise your organization with robust dApps like crypto wallets or crypto exchanges where users can engage and earn autonomously.

dApps Development

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DAO Application Integration
Deploy your existing blockchain network with third-party DAO applications, which will enable you to reduce costs and gas fees.

DAO Application Integration

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DAO Enabled NFT Platform
Integrate the NFT platform with powerful DAO features like staking tokens, issuing grants, and policy & community management.

DAO Enabled NFT Platform

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Node Development
We have hands-on expertise in developing feature-rich Node solutions for DAO platforms. This allows businesses to validate decisions and manage to vote on the DAO platforms.

Node Development

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Types of DAO

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Uses Cases of DAO

We provide DAO development service for a variety of use cases. Here are a few examples.

Our Tech Stack


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Our DAO Development Methodology

We assess complex project demands to shape a unique approach tailored to functional business needs.

Want to see your idea as one big next thing?

With Vegavid Technology best DAO development service your business is destined to grow.

What makes us a credible DAO development partner?

We create a wallet that will have all the features you need, including password security, backup and restore options, data protection, and more. Our NFT developers help integrate your product into a customer's mobile app or website!

Strategic consultation
We are passionate about disruptive technologies, which drive us to explore the comprehensive capabilities of distributed ledger systems.
Technological partnership
From non-profit organizations to private limited enterprises, learn how companies can revolutionize business with DAO.
Innovative solution
We aim to help you deploy the best solution that harnesses business growth in our applied decentralized autonomous organization development service.


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